Multi Run Conduit Installations Are Made Easier with Duct Parallels from Premier Conduit

Multi Run Duct Installations Are Made Easier with Parallels from Premier Conduit

Premier Conduit is a duct manufacturer you can turn to for UL-2024 Listed Plenum conduit, UL-2024/1666 Riser duct, and HDPE conduit. However, our quality duct is only the beginning when it comes to our offering. We are an innovative duct manufacturer with over 100 years of combined employee experience. Throughout our decades in business manufacturing quality duct and going above and beyond to help our distributors solve customer challenges, we have come up with solutions that go beyond the duct we sell. One example of our knack for innovation can be experienced when you order duct Parallels. We will describe some of the many benefits of using Parallels on your multi-run duct installations below, then we look forward to helping you place your first order.

Parallels Can Help You Save on Installation Time and Reduce Your Equipment Needs

Imagine the labor, fuel, and time savings you could reap if some of your multi-reel duct installations could be reduced to requiring only a single reel. With Parallels from Premier Conduit, you can stop imagining and start simplifying the logistical complications involved in your installations. Parallels offer a way to seamlessly install multiple lines of duct at once without the challenges that other solutions can generate and which we will discuss below. From reducing the number of reels your customers need to transport to a jobsite to making complex installations simpler, Parallels from Premier Conduit are an innovative and valuable solution. You can see the value of Parallels by considering the savings you can gain by installing four runs of duct in roughly the time it would normally take for a single run installation. Whether you have an outdoor HDPE conduit installation or have multiple runs of duct to install in an indoor plenum or riser listed environment, parallels can make the job simpler.

Eliminate the Need for Duct Segmentation Using Parallels from Premier Conduit

While you may be familiar with segmentation as a means of separating duct runs on a reel, Parallels allow you to do this in an easier way. Segmentation can serve some installations well, but if a customer intends on installing multiple runs of duct at once, parallels are a superior option. We hand wrap duct when creating a parallel and this helps to ensure an installation can proceed quickly and smoothly. Due to the nature of segmenting,  If you have a customer who is ordering duct for a multi-run installation and want help determining if parallels will help them complete their job most easily, contact us to discuss the scenario. As a family run business, we provide customer service that vastly exceeds what most manufacturers can offer. The advice we can provide in these instances is just one example of how Premier Conduit stands out as a duct manufacturer that is customer focused.

With Parallels You Can Have Multiple Colors and Sizes of Duct on a Single Reel

Have your customers grown accustomed to the extra work involved in installing duct in multiple colors or sizes? If so, and you would like to help them make this work easier, our Parallels will allow you to accomplish this. With Parallels you can place a duct order that includes multiple colors of conduit on a single reel that is designed for seamless installation. These colors can be standard or even custom if reasonable minimum order quantity (MOQ) requirements are met. Plus, while excellent for multi-color and multi-size duct installations, Parallels are just as useful on installations that involve multiple runs of conduit in the same color and size. Whether due to overall length, color, size, or some other scenario that requires more than one run of duct to be installed Parallels will make the job easier and more efficient.

Want to Learn More About Parallels from Premier Conduit? Contact Us for Quote

Having now learned the basics about duct Parallels from Premier Conduit, are you interested in the specifics of how you can order them on our customers’ behalf? If you want to find out the particulars about how to request Parallels, now is the time to contact our team. As each installation is unique, it will be important to discuss a given scenario to confirm if this solution is the right fit. However, whether Parallels are right for a job or not, we have the Plenum duct, Riser, and HDPE conduit your customers need to perform their duct installation, repair, and replacement jobs the right way.

We invite you to contact our trusted team today to learn more about duct Parallels and find out how this innovative offering and our other popular products can help you keep your customer base happy.

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