Buy Conduit from a Woman Owned Duct Manufacturer

Seamlessly Buy Conduit from a Woman Owned Duct Manufacturer

Some things in life do not have to be challenging, and order quality conduit is one of those things. To make it easier than ever to distribute HDPE, Riser, and UL-2024 ETL-Listed Plenum duct, you can turn to Premier Conduit. We are a Woman Owned duct manufacturer with a 20-year history of serving as a reliable partner to duct distributors throughout the US and Canada. Our team puts conduit quality and customer satisfaction above all other considerations. We are family operated and this aids in our ability to go to great lengths to serve our distributors and their customers. From manufacturing high duct and offering custom orders with low MOQs to working directly with your customers, we are a woman owned conduit manufacturer with exceptional capabilities.

Our Woman Owned Business Manufacturers Plenum, Riser, and HDPE General Purpose Duct

Our Woman Owned Business manufactures UL-2024 Plenum, UL-2024/1666 Riser Duct, and HDPE innerduct that meets both US and Canadian standards for quality and flame resistance. Whether you distribute duct to customers in the US, Canada, or both, you can order the product your customers need at the length they require without concern about it passing inspection at the site of installation.

Given the nuanced nature and complex terminology of our industry, it is common even for inspectors to struggle to identify if a given run of duct meets the standards of an airspace. When this occurs, we can spring to action working directly with your customer and the inspector to ensure resolution is reached. We find that this often takes just a brief phone call, and we are always glad to take it when needs arise.

Premier Conduit is Both Woman Owned and Family Operated Making Us an Ideal Partner

Our ownership structure allows us to put extra care into each duct order we fulfill. As a woman owned conduit manufacturer that is also family operated, we can maintain complete oversight of our business. We control not just the manufacturing and sales of our duct, but customer service as well. When you order duct from Premier Conduit, you can expect to enjoy benefits that big box manufacturers simply cannot or do not provide. Examples include our willingness to help your customers directly. We love helping to ensure that our duct is installed with ease and can make recommendations to your customers if they want to seek an expert opinion on how to best complete an installation job.

If your goal is to not only have a reliable duct manufacturer whose products you can distribute but a genuine partner as well, there is no better choice than our Woman Owned Business.

A Woman Owned Manufacturing Selling UL-2024 Plenum Listed Duct Fittings

Although our conduit is top-quality, we know that installations require more than duct alone. This is precisely the reason we have developed UL-2024 Plenum listed duct fittings. We sell both duct couplers and terminal adaptors. Thanks to their Plenum ETL rating, these fittings are suitable for any airspace or outdoor environment. In addition to their flame resistance, our Plenum ETL listed duct Terminal Adapters are threaded and made of anodized aluminum, which makes them both sturdy and corrosion resistant. As with our Terminal Adapters, our Duct Couplers are made of anodized aluminum. If your customers have ever completed a cold weather installation, they have likely experienced plastic duct couplers break or prove difficult to connect. If they have, our anodized aluminum fittings will be a great alternative that they can rely on for their toughest jobs.

Work with a Woman Owned Conduit Manufacturer with Proprietary Solutions

Does the idea of buying duct from our woman owned business already sound compelling? If so, we want you to know that you can benefit your customers in unique ways when you distribute our duct to them. One of these ways is via Parallels. Parallels are a proprietary offering from Premier Conduit that involves us hand wrapping multiple runs of OSP duct, Plenum, or UL-2024/1666 Riser duct onto a single reel. These runs can come in multiple colors and even multiple sizes if that is what an installation calls for.

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