Our History

A Family Run and Woman Owned Business (WBE) Manufacturing Quality Conduit for Decades

Founded in 2001, Premier Conduit reliably serves North American businesses with high quality Plenum, Riser, and HDPE duct. We are a family run and Woman Owned Business (WBE) focused on distributing our duct and fittings from our facility in Erie, PA.  We are flexible and willing to work with our customers to meet their needs, including requiring low minimum order lengths of custom and non-standard conduit colors. Not only can we offer low minimum lengths, but we can typically match the prompt lead times offered for our standard colors even for custom and non-standard color duct orders.

We manufacture the highest quality duct available and match our conduit quality with the quality of our service. By operating as a family run business, we can control every aspect of our operations, and this includes ensuring that new and old customers walk away from every interaction with our team feeling heard and confident that they will get the quality duct they need when they need it. This combination of exceptional duct and service makes buying from Premier Conduit a pleasure every time, and we invite you to experience this for yourself by contacting us to quote your next order.

A Plenum Listed Duct Manufacturer in Erie, PA with a History of Innovation

Businesses who choose to work with Premier Conduit benefit in important ways that go beyond the quality of our plenum listed duct in Erie, PA. For example, we have developed a suite of conduit fittings including terminal adaptors that are UL-2024 listed and couplers that come in a range of sizes designed to fit perfectly with our Plenum, Riser, and HDPE conduit sizes. Premier Conduit is the sole manufacturer and distributor of these Plenum listed terminal adaptors, and this allows us to guarantee and maintain the quality of our duct fittings. We also continue to invest in state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that our duct quality matches or exceeds expectations. With a new extruder and quality corrugates, our young shop has the equipment needed to meet even the most complex duct needs imaginable.

In addition to offering these fittings, Premier Conduit is also focused on product innovation to make the most challenging installations of our customers simpler. This focus has resulted in developing our unique Parallels solution. Parallels allow you to combine multiple runs of the same color duct or up to five different colors of duct on a single reel to allow for seamless installations on jobs that have historically been challenging. Our focus on continued innovation is centered around making customers’ installations and lives easier. With this guiding philosophy, you can rely on Premier Conduit to continue developing duct fittings and other new products that will continue to make your jobs simpler and more efficient.

Woman Owned (WBE) and Family Run

Get to Know the Premier Conduit Team

At Premier Conduit, you can expect to hear from an experienced and thoughtful member of our family run team every time you reach out. Our contact inbox notifies every member of our leadership team that you have reached out, which ensures a prompt and personalized response to any inquiry. While our Woman Owned Business (WBE) has been around for two decades, our Erie, PA based team boasts over 100 years of combined experience manufacturing and selling quality duct and maintaining longstanding mutually beneficial customer relationships.

Whether you need a quote, want to place an order, or would like help in determining the right conduit type and length for your installation, one of the team members below will be glad to help!

Manufacturing UL-2024 Listed Plenum Conduit, UL-2024/1666 Riser Duct, HDPE Conduit, anodized aluminum Duct Connectors, and More

Premier Conduit products include Plenum, Riser, and HDPE duct as well as anodized aluminum Terminal Adapters, UL-2024 listed Duct Couplers, and more. Order quality duct in standard or custom colors and take advantage of innovative installation solutions including our proprietary Parallels.