Order Top Quality UL-2024 Listed Plenum Conduit in Erie, PA

When contracts call for UL-2024 listed Plenum conduit, you can rely on Premier Conduit to supply what you need with quality Plenum duct sold in Erie, PA. Plenum is the class of the field when it comes to indoor conduit, and the UL-2024 rating proves that our duct meets the highest standards available. With over two decades in business, we have experience in meeting the diverse and often complex needs of our growing customer base. We stand ready to offer both the Plenum conduit your jobs call for as well as valuable advice on ordering the right product at great prices. Our UL-2024 listed plenum passes the most stringent testing for durability, flame resistance, and self-extinguishing capabilities, so you can buy from us knowing that our duct is designed to meet the quality required on plenum installations.

Coils of Premier Conduit's Plenum Ducts stacked in our warehouse

A Plenum Listed Duct Manufacturer in Erie, PA with a History of Innovation

We pride ourselves on manufacturing our Plenum conduit in-house at our Erie, PA facility. From sourcing the materials and manufacturing our Plenum to distributing it to our loyal customers, new and old, Premier Conduit handles the process every step of the way. In addition to the quality of our Plenum duct, you can enjoy the added benefit of working with a certified Woman Owned Business (WBE). With this certification, you can obtain the UL-2024 listed Plenum conduit your jobs require, and potentially receive tax benefits for choosing to buy from our business.

Premier Conduit is not only a WBE Conduit manufacturer, but also a family operated business since our founding back in 2001. Our family centered approach to doing business means that you can expect to enjoy the benefits of a stronger personal touch while working with us than you may typically expect from a duct supplier.

Premier Conduit's Plenum ducts in different colors and sizes

Offering Flexibility with Plenum Conduit Length, Size, Color, and Branding

As a family business focused on flexibility, we can be creative in the ways we serve customers. In addition to prompt responses, competitive prices, and short lead times, you can also choose Premier Conduit for small minimum order lengths of custom colored Plenum. We strive to develop long-term relationships with our customers, so even if you need a small first-time order or wish to test out how reliable our team and duct with us can be, you may do so without having to pay for more Plenum than you need.

In addition to our willingness to be flexible with order lengths of custom colors, we also offer a range of conduit sizes including ¾”, 1”, 1¼”, 1½”, and 2”. Our team can also brand our UL-2024 listed Plenum conduit with your company’s name should you wish to have a self-branded offering installed on jobsites. If you are a business that appreciates flexibility and an openness to innovation from your Plenum duct supplier, then contact Premier Conduit today to obtain a quote for your next conduit order.

  • Women Owned

    Premier Conduit is a certified Women Owned Business (WBE), which can add numerous incentives to the already wide-ranging list of reasons to buy duct from Premier Conduit.

  • Low Minimum Order Lengths

    We require no or extremely low minimum order lengths, which can include orders of custom color conduit and non-from our team.

  • Fast Lead Times

    By manufacturing our Plenum, Riser, and HDPE conduit at our Erie, PA headquarters, we can offer extremely competitive lead times, even for large or custom orders.

  • Innovative Solutions

    Premier Conduit offers more than quality duct, we also serve customers with UL-2024 Listed Terminal Adaptors, anodized steel couplers, and Parallels for seamless multi-run installations.

  • Easy Transport

    Given our convenient Erie, PA location, transporting your duct or making it available for pickup is easy whether your business is operating near or far from our facility.

  • Drop Shipping

    Drop shipping and supplying the conduit you need at the length you need is a seamless process thanks to controlling our duct manufacturing process.

  • Custom Colors

    Ordering custom color duct from Premier Conduit is easy and can be done with low minimum length requirements and prompt lead times.

  • Customer Service

    Our family run business provides exceptional customer service that matches the quality of our conduit, so you can expect a personalized touch whenever you work with Premier Conduit.


Check out some of our fitting options

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    Anodized Aluminum ETL - Couplers

  • Anodized Aluminum ETL - Terminal Adapters

    Anodized Aluminum ETL - Terminal Adapters

  • Expansion Type Duct Plugs

    Expansion Type Duct Plugs

Manufacturing UL-2024 Listed Plenum Conduit, UL-2024/1666 Riser Duct, HDPE Conduit, anodized aluminum Duct Connectors, and More

Premier Conduit products include Plenum, Riser, and HDPE duct as well as anodized aluminum Terminal Adapters, UL-2024 listed Duct Couplers, and more. Order quality duct in standard or custom colors and take advantage of innovative installation solutions including our proprietary Parallels.