HDPE General Purpose Duct

HDPE General Purpose Duct

Do your customers include contractors that have an ongoing need for durable HDPE general purpose duct? If so, Premier Conduit is ready to serve as your supplier. Our family operated business has been reliably manufacturing HDPE duct and supplying it to distributors across the US, Canada, and beyond for over 20 years. Our duct is affordable, designed for a range of environments, and easy to order. Even if your buyers require a custom solution, you can rely upon Premier Conduit to manufacture and deliver it promptly. You can contact our team right now to place your first HDPE conduit order with us or you can read on to discover more about what makes our product and team unique.

Premier Conduit is a US-Based Duct Manufacturer of HDPE Duct

At Premier Conduit, we control the process of manufacturing our general purpose HDPE duct, and this helps us ensure it meets our exacting quality standards. When you order GP conduit from us, we want your customers to be able to rely on it at their outdoor and indoor installations.

They can do so thanks not only to our duct quality, but also to products we manufacture such as Plenum rated duct couplers and terminal adaptors. We know how challenging outdoor HDPE duct installations can be in colder or inclement weather, and the right fittings from Premier Conduit can serve as the perfect complement to our element resistant general purpose duct.

Our HDPE Duct’s Qualities Make It Ideal for General Purpose Cable Protection

When an airspace does not call for Plenum or Riser duct, HDPE can serve as an ideal general purpose solution for cable protection. This will ultimately depend on the installation environments a given contractor is working. However, it is worth learning about the qualities of our HDPE General Purpose Duct to understand what makes it such an effective solution.

One key aspect is that the OSP duct from Premier Conduit includes a UV stabilizer, which makes it well suited to sun-exposed outdoor environments. Where your customers need a general purpose outdoor duct to protect telecom cables or another form of wiring, this UV stabilizer will serve to make their installation a long-lasting one. This UV stabilizing aspect of our OSP duct adds to the benefits inherent in using durable and corrosion resistant HDPE innerduct, which is what made it a popular cable protection solution in the first place.

Help Customers Install Multiple HDPE Runs with a ‘Parallel’

How often do you serve contractors who need to install multiple runs of general purpose HDPE conduit? Do they typically either decide to transport multiple reels to their installation sites or do they opt for messy segmentation to combine runs? If your customers have had to use either of these solutions, we have one that will serve them substantially better. This solution is proprietary to Premier Conduit and known as a ‘Parallel’.

The idea of our parallels is that they can seamlessly combine multiple runs of duct onto a single reel. As they are hand wrapped, segmentation is not required to keep each run of general purpose HDPE duct separate. Instead, parallels allow contractors to seamlessly complete multi-run duct installations rapidly while using a single reel. Imagine the convenience your buyers can enjoy when they can cut down on installation time and transportation capacity requirements on their next multi-run HDPE conduit installation.

Become a Premier Conduit General Purpose Duct Distributor

Whether you want to confirm our reliability and general purpose duct quality with a smaller first order or have a large initial need, we want to serve you. We welcome the chance to earn your trust and become your HDPE general purpose duct distributor of choice. To begin learning what working with our family-run duct manufacturing company is like, simply contact Premier Conduit today. When you reach out, you can always expect to speak with a member of our core team who will be ready to work with you and make the duct ordering process simple.

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