Order Custom Conduit from a Family Operated Duct Manufacturer

Order Custom Conduit from a Family Operated Duct Manufacturer

Do you have customers who are looking for plenum, riser, or HDPE conduit in a custom color and want to experience exceptional service when ordering? If so, there is no team better suited to serving your needs than Premier Conduit. We are a family operated duct manufacturer that loves setting ourselves apart with both our duct quality and customer service. We offer a wide range of standard and non-standard conduit colors. When customers need a custom color, we can also help and do so with low minimum order requirements.

Premier Conduit Treats Customer Satisfaction as Seriously as Conduit Manufacturing

We produce large quantities of UL-2024 listed plenum conduit, UL-2024/1666 listed riser, and HDPE duct. We know that quality is a key component of meeting these ETL listings and ensuring that the conduit we sell meets the exact needs of our customers. However, the quality of our duct offerings is just the beginning of the benefits you can gain by choosing to distribute duct from Premier Conduit.

We also set ourselves apart by offering exceptional customer service. By being a woman owned and family operated duct manufacturer, we can control the experience of buying from us in ways that some larger manufacturers simply cannot. To our team, elevating customer service means working day and night to ensure customers get the duct they need on time. It also means agreeing to fulfill custom conduit orders without demanding high length order requirements. We know how valuable a custom order can be for your customers and we love helping our distributors shine when it matters most.

You can view Premier Conduit as not just a reliable duct manufacturer, but as a partner in your success. We can point to many examples where we have helped end users of our duct with installation advice and discussion with inspectors. We stand behind our conduit completely and are focused on helping you shine as a distributor.

We Have Exact Color Matching Capabilities for Custom Innerduct Orders

When your customers need a custom color for their duct order, they can benefit from the fact that Premier Conduit has precise color matching capabilities. Our goal is always to manufacture custom duct that does not simply look like a particular color but matches your customers’ desired appearance precisely. We have decades of experience manufacturing custom colored innerduct and can help you fulfill your customers’ needs for duct orders that come in unique colors.

Stocking Plenum, Riser, and HDPE Duct in Standard Colors and More

Your customers may run into scenarios where they do not need to place an order for custom conduit but prefer a color option that differs from our defaults. Thanks to maintaining colorants in-house, we can offer a near endless variety of specialized colors in addition to our popular standard color duct solutions. Whether a special color is desired for branding purposes or to simply allow duct to stand out in a crowded airspace, we can manufacture it for a low price.

Our standard color HDPE, Plenum, and UL-2024/1666 Riser duct works well in its intended environment. However, we understand that the need for specialized conduit colors can arise, and we are here to help you and your customers when they do.

A Family Operated Conduit Manufacturer Knows Duct Distributors Need Consistency

If there is one thing we have learned throughout our decades in business, it is that consistency is of paramount importance to duct distributors. This includes consistency in delivering wholesale duct orders on time and consistency in being a responsive supplier. If you want to experience both as well as gain access to our custom solutions and competitive prices, it is easy to begin working with us. You can contact Premier Conduit today so we can get to know you, your business, and the types of duct installers you sell to. We can then work together to determine the right type and length of duct for you to include in your first order. Whether you just need Plenum, Riser, or HDPE duct or want to order extensive lengths of all three, we are ready to fulfill your order.

Premier Conduit is a family operated duct manufacturer that is growth-minded and customer focused. We welcome the opportunity to earn your business and become your trusted duct supplier for years to come. We stand ready to act as a reliable partner that can help you solve your and your customers’ most pressing duct related challenges and welcome the chance to fulfill your first order soon.

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