Manufacturing CSA 22.2 FT-6 Duct for US and Canadian Installations

Manufacturing CSA 22.2 FT-6 Duct for US and Canadian Installations

Improve your capabilities as a duct distributor by buying plenum and riser duct from Premier Conduit that is built for US and Canadian installations. We have been innovators in the innerduct industry for over 20 years and aim to make our product usable in as many installations as possible. This is why we have developed expertise in manufacturing CSA 22.2 FT-6 Plenum duct for US and Canadian installations. We also make CSA 22.2 FT-4 Riser duct that is approved for use in rated environments on both sides of the US-Canada border. When you distribute plenum and riser duct from Premier Conduit, you can do so knowing your customers operating in both the US and Canadian will have no problems meeting building codes that call for these two types of innerduct.

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Making Plenum and Riser Duct for Distributors with Cross Border Customers

If you operate in the northern US and or are based elsewhere and happen to have customers who buy duct for installations in the US and Canada, Premier Conduct has solutions. Our Plenum and Riser duct and duct fittings are both ETL listed as well as listed for CSA 22.2 FT-6 and CSA 22.2 FT-4 flame tests respectively. This means you can safely distribute our innerduct to customers on either side of the US’s northern border. Plus, our duct’s suitability for US and Canadian installations means you do not have to worry about separating our product at your warehouse.

If your customers include duct installers who operate in the Canadian market, you are likely well-acquainted with the terms CSA 22.2 FT-4 and CSA 22.2 FT-6. If you are only operating in the US presently, but would like to expand, our duct presents an excellent opportunity to do so. To help you do, we want to make it clear that CSA 22.2 FT-6 is the term for Canadian market Plenum duct and CSA 22.2 FT-4 is the flame testing code in Canada for Riser. Despite the differences in terminology, these two Canadian codes correspond to ETL’s UL-2024 and UL-2024/1666 duct listings and in fact the FT-4 is an even more strict test. This means that any duct that passes the Canadian FT-4 will exceed ETL UL-2024/1666 riser flame testing standards and be suitable for use on either side of the US-Canada border.


Proprietary Products Add to the Benefits of Buying Innerduct with Us

Throughout our two decades in business, we have found ways to make our distributors’ and their customers’ lives easier. Examples of the solutions we have produced to accomplish this include plenum listed anodized aluminum duct couplers and terminal adaptors. They also include our proprietary duct Parallels, which allow installers to consolidate multiple runs of innerduct on a single reel. Parallels are a smoother solution than segmentation and can help your customers reduce their need for transportation of multiple reels as well as reduce installation time on their job sites. These solutions are available for both US and Canadian duct installations, and you can contact our team to learn more about how they work.


Receive More than Plenum and Riser Duct when Buying from Premier Conduit

Something we pride ourselves on at Premier Conduit is our ability to go beyond making and delivering top quality innerduct. We believe that our customer service quality should match or exceed the duct we offer. To ensure this happens we maintain strict oversight of our operations and proudly remain a family operated company after 20 years in business. Now in our second generation of family management, Premier Conduit continues to innovate and find ways to make our duct better, more affordable, and easier to install. 

We know you can distribute CSA 22.2 FT-6 plenum duct and CSA 22.2 FT-4 riser duct made by other companies, but we do not believe you can find better quality or customer service elsewhere. From having friendly and informed staff members who pick up the phone when you call to honoring quoted delivery times, we aim to make buying plenum and riser duct for US and Canadian installations simple from A-Z.

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