Manufacturing UL-2024 Listed Innerduct Connectors for Plenum, Riser, and HDPE Duct

Coil of hdpe corrugated duct in premier conduits warehouse

The duct installers who buy from you deserve the best when it comes to innerduct connectors and our anodized aluminum UL-2024 listed duct couplers are exactly that. As we will describe throughout this piece, the ETL Listed duct couplers and terminal adaptors we sell are unique fittings in that they are made in accordance with the UL-2024 standard and are made of corrosion-resistant  anodized aluminum. We ensure that every innerduct coupler we sell is built to last and work reliably in Plenum, Riser, and HDPE environments. As you read on you can learn more about our duct connectors and what sets them apart from commonly available products.

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The Plenum ETL Listing of Our Duct Connectors Makes Them Suitable for All Environments

Whether you need innerduct connectors for HDPE, Riser, or Plenum raceway installations, our couplers are rated for all environments thanks to their Plenum ETL listing. Our duct connectors will fit the corresponding size of the duct you are installing, regardless of whether it is Plenum, Riser, or HDPE duct. This flexibility adds to the convenience of distributing our duct couplers in a wide range of sizes that match the sizes our duct can be ordered in.

Our Anodized Aluminum Duct Couplers Are Reliable Even During Cold Outdoor Installations

The last thing we want your buyers to experience is a difficult outdoor installation in the winter. We know our duct couplers need to last and work reliably, but before they can do so installations need to take place. While other duct connectors are made of plastic and break easily, especially in colder weather OSP duct installations, our duct couplers will not. We make our couplers from aluminum, which is then anodized to provide a light weight, durable, and corrosion resistant solution for your toughest installations. Additionally, thanks to their Plenum ETL listing, these connectors can also serve your customers in Plenum and Riser airspaces.

Anodized Aluminum Duct Connectors Are Just One Conduit Related Product We Sell

You may only be interested in purchasing our UL-2024 Listed innerduct connectors at this time, but before we conclude this post, we want you to be aware of the types of duct and other useful products you can order from Premier Conduit. For starters, we sell UL-2024 Listed Plenum conduit, UL-2024/1666 Listed Riser conduit, and HDPE Duct. As a standard, our HDPE duct is manufactured with a UV stabilizer, improving the inherent corrosion resistance of HDPE. If a job requires HDPE duct in a more UV-prone outdoor environment than usual, we can include a higher than usual level of UV stabilizer. If you believe you have a job where additional UV stabilizer would be beneficial, contact us to discuss solutions. Plus, while black is the standard for our HDPE, we sell our duct in a variety of common colors and can also provide custom and non-standard color solutions with low minimum order quantities and prompt delivery.

Innovation at Premier Conduit Goes Beyond Manufacturing UL-2024 Duct Connectors

Beyond our anodized aluminum duct connectors and various conduit options, we have also developed a proprietary solution that we call Parallels. Parallels simplify multi-line installations by separating different duct runs on a single reel. This means you can easily separate duct runs by color or install multiple lines at once without having to deal with the nuisance of transporting and working with multiple reels. If you would like to learn more about the types of duct that you can order from us or find out exactly how Parallels can serve your customers, contact us today to order the innerduct connectors you need and get information about our full suite of products.

Order UL-2024 Listed Duct Couplers from a Woman Owned Business

In addition to benefiting from the UL-2024 listed and corrosion resistant material our conduit connectors are made with, when you buy from Premier Conduit you are purchasing couplers from a woman owned business. We are a woman owned business that is family operated. This structure provides us with the ability to maintain full control over both our manufacturing process and customer service, allowing Premier Conduit to guarantee that the experience you have working with and buying from us is always exceptional. We work hard to build long-lasting relationships with our customers and have done so since we formed 20 years ago. Whether this will be your first time distributing or installing our products or if you have bought from us before, expect fantastic customer service to complement the quality of our Plenum-rated innerduct couplers. When you order today you can experience the difference in working with Premier Conduit to stock the duct couplers and conduit products your customers need.