UV Resistant HDPE Conduit for Outdoor Installations and Indoor Duct Needs

Our UV Resistant HDPE Conduit is relied upon for a diverse range of outdoor and indoor conduit installation needs, and we make ordering lengths both short and long simple, even when you need a run of a custom or non-standard color. Our family-run and Certified Woman Owned Business (WBE) manufactures our HDPE conduit in-house at our Erie, Pennsylvania facility, and manages the entire manufacturing process from purchasing materials to distributing our conduit to our loyal customers. Premier Conduit has the HDPE duct in Erie, PA you need to complete your elementally exposed cable installations and HDPE indoor duct work as effectively as possible.

Coil of hdpe corrugated duct in premier conduits warehouse

Premier Conduit Sells Quality HDPE Duct in Erie, PA for Cell Towers and More

Some of the most common applications for our quality HDPE conduit includes use with Cell Tower cables and other Telecom cabling work that requires durable conduit for outdoor installations, while still being able to be used in a diverse range of indoor cable environments. Adding to the ability to serve reliably in an outdoor installation is the fact that all colors of HDPE sold here are made with UV stabilizer to aid in our duct’s ability to handle heavy sun exposure. Our corrugated HDPE conduit offers a perfect combination of durability and flexibility, making it ideal for both straight and angled installations. The family-run team at Premier Conduit understands how vital Telecom uptime is, so we manufacture our UV resistant HDPE duct to help ensure your installations go as smoothly as possible and maintain their expected lifespan.

3 variations of premier conduits hdpe corrugated ducts

Offering Flexibility with Plenum Conduit Length, Size, Color, and Branding

Premier Conduit knows the challenges that can stem from requiring multiple runs of HDPE conduit for a single installation. To make these scenarios simpler, we offer parallels, our innovative solution that allows you to seamlessly combine up to five runs of HDPE conduit on a single reel. Our Parallels can help to make your most complex HDPE duct installations more efficient, cost effective, and problem free than ever, and we will happily discuss how they function when you contact Premier Conduit for your next HDPE duct order in Erie, PA.

  • Women Owned

    Premier Conduit is a certified Women Owned Business (WBE), which can add numerous incentives to the already wide-ranging list of reasons to buy duct from Premier Conduit.

  • Low Minimum Order Lengths

    We require no or extremely low minimum order lengths, which can include orders of custom color conduit and non-from our team.

  • Fast Lead Times

    By manufacturing our Plenum, Riser, and HDPE conduit at our Erie, PA headquarters, we can offer extremely competitive lead times, even for large or custom orders.

  • Innovative Solutions

    Premier Conduit offers more than quality duct, we also serve customers with UL-2024 Listed Terminal Adaptors, anodized steel couplers, and Parallels for seamless multi-run installations.

  • Easy Transport

    Given our convenient Erie, PA location, transporting your duct or making it available for pickup is easy whether your business is operating near or far from our facility.

  • Drop Shipping

    Drop shipping and supplying the conduit you need at the length you need is a seamless process thanks to controlling our duct manufacturing process.

  • Custom Colors

    Ordering custom color duct from Premier Conduit is easy and can be done with low minimum length requirements and prompt lead times.

  • Customer Service

    Our family run business provides exceptional customer service that matches the quality of our conduit, so you can expect a personalized touch whenever you work with Premier Conduit.

Manufacturing UL-2024 Listed Plenum Conduit, UL-2024/1666 Riser Duct, HDPE Conduit, anodized aluminum Duct Connectors, and More

Premier Conduit products include Plenum, Riser, and HDPE duct as well as anodized aluminum Terminal Adapters, UL-2024 listed Duct Couplers, and more. Order quality duct in standard or custom colors and take advantage of innovative installation solutions including our proprietary Parallels.