Couplers & Terminal Adapters

UL Standards require a Rated Plenum or Riser Coupler or Terminal adapter for all applications that use Riser or Plenum based Innerduct. Premier’s Couplers & Terminal adapters are listed to UL Standards. Riser is UL 1666 & Plenum is UL 2024.
Duct Description Coupler Part No. Terminal Adapter Part No.
3/4" HDPE/Riser/Plenum PCCP-075 PCCPTA-075
1" HDPE/Riser/Plenum PCCP-100 PCCPTA-100
1-1/4" HDPE/Riser/Plenum PCCP-125 PCCPTA-125
1-1/2" HDPE/Riser/Plenum PCCP-150 PCCPTA-150
2" HDPE/Riser/Plenum PCCP-200 PCCPTA-200